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Husband and real life, the same does not follow. The use of courtesy is precious.
Five and strength and birth, harmony, and erect, and DA, and love.
(six unification) is it possible for each other to be born or not?
The construction of virtue is also.
Good, sunshine, positive attitude. To be a man in the sun and to do things in the sun. No resentment, no regrets, no prison.
Good, fair and just, transparent and open.
Be sensitive to things and speak carefully. There is an empty talk about the country.
To be bureaucratic, to formalize, to exaggerate.
Consciously innovate and take the initiative.
No marginal collaboration and strong execution.
Good learning is close to knowledge.
Humility is the best way to change one's life and wisdom, to apply it in practice, and to improve one's mind.
Honest. Reason.
Suit measures to local conditions, seek truth from facts, professional thinking, system, process and standard.

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